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AVID introduce new Amplifiers

AVID introduce new Celsus Pre/Power & Sigsum Integrated Amplifiers

We’re excited to confirm the debut of three new products at the Munich High End Show. Completing our electronics line and cascading our designs to more affordable levels we will introduce the Celsus Pre Amplifier and matching Celsus Stereo Power Amplifier.

Celsus Pre Amplifier naturally incorporates a high quality phonostage within a fully balanced design and offers the same flexibility found in our Reference Pre-Amplifier. There’s the ability to simultaneously connect two phono cartridges and an additional four line level inputs. The stunning ALPS RK50 volume control used in the Reference Pre-Amplifier is retained and the separate PSU makes sure power delivery is stable. The matching Celsus Stereo Power Amplifier directly cascades the Reference Stereo Amplifier design to bring the power and control associated with AVID products.


Completing the line up is our Sigsum Integrated Amplifier. With it’s built-in phonostage and four line level inputs, we have again retained the same ALPS RK50 volume control, this alone will make this a benchmark product. Prices are yet to be confirmed but we expect them to be highly competitive. Celsus and Sigsum products will make their debut at the Munich HIGH END Show and builds upon a highly award winning product range that just gets better and better…



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