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Devialet 440 Pro

Devialet takes Expert Pro to the next level

Devialet takes Expert Pro the most advanced audiophile audio system to the next level

Eight years after the launch of its first compact high-end amplifier in 2010, Devialet continues to enhance the Expert Pro line-up. In order to continue to deliver an unmatched high-end audio experience, Devialet is pushing the Expert Pro experience even further with three major evolutions:

Devialet 250 Pro
Devialet 250 Pro

AXD®: the perfect match for the ultra high-end speaker

In its relentless quest to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles, Devialet announces AXD® (for Active Cross/X-over Design). This new technology is the result of an exclusive partnership with some of the world’s leading speaker manufacturers (YG Acoustics, Estelon, Vivid Audio and more to come) to design the shortest analog signal path between an audio source and speaker drivers, while limiting analog sections to a minimum.

To achieve this, AXD® combines the endless possibilities of Devialet Expert Pro DSP (Digital Signal Processor) with the crossover networks of carefully selected high-end speakers, to create a complete, perfectly optimized setup.

In short, AXD® is the only technology capable of extracting the best performance out of these extreme audio systems, delivering sound in its purest form.

New Expert Pro hardware platform, with Core Infinity

The new hardware board inside Expert Pro delivers increased power and improved performance at all power levels, for a listening experience that is both more muscular and more transparent. Combined with the latest Devialet operating system, and firmware 13.x ; it brings a large range of streaming protocols to Expert Pro without compromising sound quality. New streaming features courtesy of the Core Infinity board and software 13.x include:

UPnP renderers


Spotify Connect

Roon Raat – currently going through certification – can be used via Devialet AIR

Devialet 1000

The new Expert Pro line-up with Core Infinity embedded

The stereo range – comes in three configurations:

Expert 140 Pro

Expert 220 Pro

Expert 250 Pro

They can all be upgraded to Dual-Mono or multi-amplification.

The new Expert Pro 140 is more powerful (2x140W) and more affordable (4990€) than is predecessor, the Expert Pro 130.

The Dual-Mono range – comes in three configurations:

Expert 210 Pro Dual

Expert 440 Pro Dual

Expert 1000 Pro Dual

They can all be upgraded to multi-amplification.

Devialet 440 Pro

From Expert to Expert Pro: Hardware upgrade 3.0

Upgrade Program 3.0 (hardware) allows customers to easily evolve their Expert system (without Core Infinity board) to the new Expert Pro system with Core Infinity, leveraging latest hardware and software innovations.




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