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Mobile Dirac Live Room Correction

Dirac Research Audio Room Correction

Dirac Research To Introduce Consumer-Friendly Audio Room Correction Tool at CEDIA 2017

New ‘Mobile Dirac Live’ empowers end-users to optimize their home theater audio with an easy-to-use mobile application that is compatible with IoS and Android devices.

Dirac Research, the global leader in platform optimized audio technology, today announced Mobile Dirac Live – an end-user version of its groundbreaking integrator-based Dirac Live room correction solution. While the installer version of the Dirac Live platform is designed for high-end custom designed home theater systems, the new Mobile Dirac Live app allows manufacturers of “lite” home theater AVR products, which are often purchased and configured directly by the end-user, to provide their customers the ability to easily and conveniently correct for their system’s audio abnormalities and imperfections. The introduction of Mobile Dirac Live will be made at CEDIA 2017 in Dirac Booth #5708.

“Mobile Dirac Live is our response to the growing demand from our partners who manufacture both high-end, integrator-installed AVR products and more entry-level products purchased and installed directly by end-users,” said Niklas Thorin, Dirac’s General Manager of High Performance Audio. “Mobile Dirac Live now provides our manufacturer partners with the ability to offer all of their customers, regardless of their system’s sophistication or complexity, a way to optimize their home theater set-up by correcting for acoustical abnormalities and colorations.”

Mobile Dirac Live

Mobile Dirac Live will be compatible with most AVR products equipped with the embedded Dirac Live audio filters and algorithms. Dirac Live is a patented room correction technology that not only corrects the frequency response, but also the impulse response of a room’s loudspeakers. As the most advanced room correction technology available on the market, Dirac Live is unique in that it provides true impulse response correction over a large listening area, improving the depth, positioning, and distinction of individual voices and instruments. Using multiple measurement and mixed phase correction, Dirac Live helps audio systems to create a natural, realistic and transparent sound with tighter bass and reduced room modes, in a way previously not possible.
“Dirac Live room correction technology can now be enjoyed by a significantly broader segment of the home theater market,” continued Thorin. “With Mobile Dirac Live, manufacturers of lite home theater AVR products can offer their customers a sleek, easy-to-use mobile app that allows them to optimize audio performance and ensure that they’re getting the most out of their system.”

Mobile Dirac Live, which will be available to Apple and Android device users in Fall 2017, operates through a wizard assistant that provides step-by-step instruction and feedback throughout the calibration process. To demo Mobile Dirac Live, visit Dirac at CEDIA Booth #5708.



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