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FIDELITY international the German voice of premium audio, a free online magazine

FIDELITY international – A free online magazine

FIDELITY international – The German Voice of Premium Audio

The Easter holidays are here. Need something good to read? Read FIDELITY international. It’s free, it’s different, it’s passion.

Go to www.fidelity-magazine.com and get the German Voice of Premium Audio at no charge.

What are you waiting for?

Fidelity International now offers a quarterly publication easily downloaded to your PC or mobile device.

You can read Fidelity anywhere, anytime, presented in a distinctively designed format with engaging writing and an attractive layout. Fidelity International offers a new benchmark in sophistication for design and content in audio publications worldwide.

And the best part- Fidelity International is FREE!

Germany’s most luxurious, high end journal for premium audio is now at your fingertips, at no charge! From the same German team that brings you the print edition of highly acclaimed Fidelity Magazin in German language, we give you a new, mobile friendly edition which brings a real sense of style and passion to HiFi and audio’s High End world. There is no other publication anywhere like the new Fidelity International.

Try it now

Register and download this unique new magazine, Fidelity International for free! The definitive German voice covering the world of premium audio is now yours at no charge online at:


FIDELITY international

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