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Taga Harmony 250MIC v2

Taga Harmony TA-250MIC v.2 – Custom Install A/B speaker stereo amplifier

Taga Harmony TA-250MIC v.2 – Custom Install A/B speaker stereo amplifier

TAGA Harmony, a European manufacturer of award-winning speakers and audio electronics, today unveils a second version of its affordable CI stereo amplifier TA-250MIC.


The TA-250MIC v.2 is an efficient, cost-effective choice for home hi-fi systems and commercial installations in restaurants, pubs, shops, conferencing rooms, fitness clubs for both background music, voice playback or karaoke systems.

Taga Harmony 250MIC v2

High and constant power is delivered by an oversized, audiophile grade toroidal transformer.

The TA-250MIC v.2 integrated amplifier offers the finest music performance at this price level and perfect matching with most speakers available in the market.

It utilizes advanced materials, state of the art engineering and innovate design by an international team of professional designers.

It delivers pure and distortion-limited power as well as rich sound performance with stunning accuracy, soundstage and sensational dynamics.

Taga Harmony 250MIC v2

A variety of features and wired connections makes the TA-250MIC v.2 a very versatile device with ability to work in different applications:

Built-in microphone input with a mixing and echo control is a perfect solution for voice broadcasting

MP3 (3.5mm stereo jack) input on the front panel to quickly connect a smartphone, tablet or laptop

Three RCA stereo inputs at the rear to hook additional equipment like a CD player, radio tuner or other analog devices

Two speaker outputs (A and B) to build a simple and cost-effective 2-zone sound system




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