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Ansuz / Aavik / Børresen Acoustics at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Ansuz / Aavik / Børresen Acoustics at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

We welcome you to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Room 9000 and 9002

Børresen 01, 02 and 03 will be set-up for demo at the show for the first time ever – feel free to drop by for a listen.

A year has past since last RMAF show, and a year is a long time in our business! Ansuz Acoustics have spend the time developing more exiting news for the show this year – we invite you to have a look and to listen to some of the magic we have created: LAN cables, Mainz8 Powerdistributors A2, C2, D2 and finally the Ansuz Rack.

Of course Aavik Acoustics will be at the RMAF Show to. Although competition in the electronics business is tough, we experience that what we have started with the praised 300 series and not least the more popular 150 series is moving in the right direction. This year Aavik introduce the new P-150 Power Amplifier which will assist the C-150 Preamplifier in powering up the show. The Amps will do all the work at the show, so please give them a listen in our rooms 9000 and 9002. New on the stand: Aavik P-150 Power Amplifier.


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