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Buchardt Audio S400
Buchardt Audio S400

Buchardt Audio at the Copenhagen High End Show

Buchardt Audio will be showing their brand new model S400 at the Copenhagen High End Show

Copenhagen High End show will host the launch of the brand new S400 from Danish based company Buchardt Audio

Buchardt Audio is a Danish based high-end loudspeaker manufacturer, who are selling directly to the consumer, and cutting out the middle man to give the customer really value for the money.

Buchardt Audio S400
Buchardt Audio S400

Buchardt Audio been showing off the S400 prototypes at several shows, but is now finally ready with their new model, which will be shown at the Copenhagen High End Show on the 27/28. of october 2018.

The secret to S400’s exceptional controlled directivity is the Constant Directivity Control waveguide. It is designed/simulated with state of the art computation methods. It was tested with a new, very advanced holographic nearfield scanner, mapping the complete acoustic 3d output with 5402 measurements on each of the 5 prototypes we did. The result combined with the tiny 19mm tweeter is spot-on!

A challenge that had to be solved using such a deep waveguide that we ended up with, was the phase-shift between the woofer and the tweeter. This was solved by placing the waveguide under the woofer as well as a very discreet tilt of the cabinet at only two degrees. This aligns the drivers in phase. Because of the high directivity of the waveguide, the edge diffractions from the cabinet is reduced with 90% compared with standard tweeter placements most other speakers use. The sound does not “stick” to the box, but leaves it freely without audible artifacts. This helps even more with imagining and makes the loudspeaker disappear in the soundstage.

Buchardt Audio S400
Buchardt Audio S400

S400 sounds larger than you would expect. Why? The Passive Radiator on the back. A passive radiator is a way more expensive solution than a bass reflex port. It’s without a doubt the reason we don’t see them often. But it has the advances over the classic bass port: No port noise, no port compression, can be placed very close to a wall, 30% reductin of cabinet size and gives all in all an amazing bass performance, and best of all, that small little speaker plays all the way down to 33hz!


Buchardt Audio S400
Buchardt Audio S400

Prices starts at 2000€ INCL. 25% VAT.


Specifications – Buchardt Audio S400

Operating principle:  2-way Passive radiator system

Tweeter:  1 x 0,74″ Custom fine weave soft fabric textile with CDC aluminum waveguide

Mid / woofer:  1 x 6″ Aluminum cone with break-up optimization

Passive Radiator:  1 x 5×8″ Long throw passive radiator with very low mass added

Impedance:  4 ohm

Sensitivity:  88 dB

Frequency response:  33 – 40.000 Hz +/- 3db

Crossover Point:  2000hz

Power recommendation:  40 – 200 W

Measurements (h x w x d):  365 x 180 x 240 mm

Weight:  18 kg / set




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