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DEQX reference system to Debut at RMAF Denver

DEQX reference system to Debut at RMAF Denver

DEQX will show a complete DEQX reference speaker system incorporating HDP-5, new DEQX A250X3 Tri-Block amps and Legend/DEQX ISR reference speakers at RMAF in the Marriott Tech Centre in room 1124.

The introductions include the HDP-5 ‘roon-ready’ Preamp processor, Dual A250X3 Tri-block active amplifiers featuring HYPEX Ncore technology driving the compact 3-way active reference monitor.


The HDP-5’s powerful speaker, room calibration preamplifier with 3rd generation active speaker paradigm now adds roon ready network connected audio. The roon update is available to all existing HDP-5 & PreMate Plus owners at no charge. This combines one of the world’s most powerful active preamp, calibration and room correction processors with roon’s user-friendly on-line and locally stored media management.

DEQXA pair of DEQX Tri-Amp A250x3 amplifiers are designed for active speakers such as the 3-way ISR Legend/DEQX reference speakers. Two models will be available fourth quarter; the A250x3 Tri-Amp (2x250W, 1x100W) and the A250x2 Bi-Amp (2x250W). Based on the renowned HYPEX Ncore technology these ‘active’ amps provide ideal resolution for DEQX’s 3rd Generation active loudspeakers.

The amps can be used standalone or with all DEQX preamp processors. Inputs are fully balanced XLR and high-quality speaker connectors are used. Standby is provided manually or by12v trigger from the DEQX’s integrated preamp, processor and active crossover models.

The Legend/DEQX ISR speakers are a compact stand mounted 3-way active design with isobaric bass designed in conjunction with Legend Acoustics. They include dual Scandinavian bass drivers in isobaric configuration to achieve a compact low-resonance cabinet with extended bass that is fast and detailed. A very high-resolution magnesium-ceramic midrange driver is combined with Beryllium tweeter.


System details:

DEQX HDP-5 US$5995.00, DEQX A250X3 US$2795.00 pair. ISR monitor only available within a complete system configuration with HDP-5 and A250X3 US$16,995.00.

RMAF in the Marriott Tech Centre Room 1124 Friday October 6th to the 8th, S Syracuse St., Denver, CO 80237




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