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Hafler’s new line of phono stages and SUTs

Hafler’s new line of phono stages and SUTs


Following the resurgence of 33 RPM records and turntables, Hafler has launched a series of devices aimed squarely at this market that include two active phono stages and two step-up transformers (SUTs)


The Hafler PH50 is a phono stage for use with moving magnet cartridges. It features 100% discrete circuitry for exceptional detail and low noise. The PH60 adds a second amplification stage for moving coil cartridges along with a series of internal jumpers to precisely match the cartridge impedance for optimal signal transfer. These two phono stages have already received tremendous critical acclaim from major recording engineers including Alan Parsons (Pink Floyd, The Beatles)and Chuck Ainlay (Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton) and from mastering engineers Eric Boulanger (Neil Young, Imagine Dragons) and Emily Lazar (Coldplay, Foo Fighters).

Hafler President Peter Janis explains: “When we decided to launch these phono stages into the market, we figured that the best approach would be to start by sending out some of these on evaluation to the best ears in the business. We figured that if the guys that actually make the records and master them believe in the quality, this would give audiophiles and magazine reviewers the confidence that their choice would be consistent with some of the most discerning critical listeners. It was a true revelation when the first report came back from Chuck Ainlay saying that he had never thought his turntable could sound so good! This was then followed by glowing reports from others. It is from that point we chose to move forward with each of these products.”

Hafler has also launched two step-up transformers, allowing systems limited to moving magnet-type inputs the accessibility of seamlessly adapting to a moving coil cartridge without any sacrifice in sonic quality. The Hafler PH34 and PH44 are hand-wired devices that employ world-class Jensen™ transformers, which exhibit stunningly flat frequency response, exceptional low noise and natural Bessel function. These special SUTs offer the choice of either 31dB or 20dB of gain for low-output moving coil cartridges, and utilize dual MuMetal® cans for optimum shielding to prevent pollution from external magnetic fields.



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