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High End, hifideluxe, CanJam 2018 in München

High End 2018: Picture Galleries part 1

High End, hifideluxe and CanJam Picture Galleries part 1 of 3

Dear readers, on your behalf and exclusively for your pleasure, we clicked our fingers sore with our cameras and let the focal lengths run hot at the Munich HiFi shows – HIGH END, hifideluxe and CanJam. The shows started simultaneously on 10 May, the HIGH END kept its gates open until Sunday, 13 May, while the hifideluxe closed on Saturday. All shows were not stingy with spectacular innovations and innovative products, in addition there were happy winners of the first FIDELITY-Award, who of course also wanted to be photographed, so that altogether about one fantastillion of carefully illuminated snapshots were created, which we want to make accessible to you in the form of three really gigantic picture galleries with almost 300 pictures each.

Take a little time and let us accompany you on a virtual tour around the shows. We have focused the lens on the breathtakingly good and expensive super speakers as well as on entry-level speakers at a reasonable price range. You will discover the faces of developer legends and those of hopeful and yet unknown debutantes. The focus was on new and/or expansive analogue drives as well as modern digital all-rounders, multi-room systems or simply good and proven CD players. Every now and then even one of our authors could scurry through the picture himself. Of course we also took photos at this year’s partner fair for headphone friends CanJam and found what we were looking for.

Supergallery with 285 pictures
If you reduce your office hours’ sleep by only half an hour a day, you will gain enough time to enjoy our picturesque trade fair walks in all detail. Stay vigilant and regularly click on fidelity-magazin.de to not miss the following parts of our high-end photo album. Please also pay attention to the show reports served in bits and pieces from different flashing angles and from different authors, each of which is dedicated to specific aspects or individual rooms and installations of the Munich HiFi May Festival. When we were looking through the photos, we really wanted to go to next year’s Munich shows and hope that the same will happen to you.

The FIDELITY-Team wishes you a lot of fun!


High End, hifideluxe and CanJam Picture Galleries part 1 of 3

High End, hifideluxe and CanJam Picture Galleries part 2 of 3

High End, hifideluxe and CanJam Picture Galleries part 3 of 3


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