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Keith Monks Microlight

PRESSEMITTEILUNG: The New Keith Monks DiscOvery microLight Record Cleaning Machine

PRESSEMITTEILUNG: The New Keith Monks DiscOvery microLight Record Cleaning Machine


Keith Monks Audio today unveiled the new discOvery microLight Record Cleaning Machine. The microLight is the smallest ever Keith Monks RCM and is the smallest precision record cleaning machine ever.

The cliché of a picture is worth a thousand words is so apt for the microLight, and in fact pictures don’t really capture its interesting and innovative design.  Is it modern, post modern or classic? In reality all of the above. Caught in its naked pose the design is post modern industrial perhaps, appealing to the technocrat but with a quick insertion of a high definition image and with the illumination on, it’s anything you wish it to be. Anything that suits the mood or the room.

Keith Monks is working with a growing number of fine artists and photographers from their Isle of Wight UK and US bases, together with a specialist print company, to develop a unique layered acrylic printing process and create exclusive limited editions and one-off custom print options. Keith Monks machines bring the original record cleaning technique developed with and so prized by the BBC, the US Library of Congress and the British Library National Sound Archive in a modern, easier and more affordable package. Jonathan Monks – The Record Doctor and son of Keith – will be demonstrating the new microLight at CES 2015 in Suite 29-139 of the Venetian Hotel.

 Key Features

 The ultimate upgrade for your turntable system, is now a stunning illuminated art display for your home.

The world’s smallest ever precision Record Cleaning Machine – just 15” (39cm) wide.

Worried about safety or recontamination from newer ‘tribute’ brands or ultrasonics? Relax – use the system the Professionals use.

The Keith Monks is the only cleaner for sound enhancement and record restoration trusted by the world’s greatest sound archives including the British Library and US Library of Congress.

Unique automatic features – whisper quiet – real record cleaning has never been so easy, and more fun.  It’s quiet enough to enjoy listening to your records while cleaning another.

Backlit acrylic art panels – unique hi res printing process – exclusive limited editions and one-off custom print options.

Why let the audio manufacturer execs tell you how to style your home? We give you the blank canvas – you select the art to suit your mood or decor. Insert it into the front, turn on the light … later, switch it for another and in seconds, instantly redesign your room.

Create your own artistic statement to intrigue and delight all your family and friends.

Restore, preserve, improve the sound and preserve the value of all your precious new as well as vintage records – for life.

Zero recontamination for safe, consistent results

Original point suction vacuum system with SuperSilent medical grade suction pump imported from Germany

NEW forward-reverse turntable rotation for wash cycle

NEW “Used fluid jar full” warning light

NEW transparent acrylic casing and back lighting strip with diffuser displays your art

Automatic reel-out of nozzle buffer thread

Automatic shut off at end of side

Supplied with Keith Monks discOvery precision 12” LP wash brush and Pyr/\Mat stay-clean mat


For best deep clean results, use Keith Monks discOvery Natural Precision biodegradable cleaning fluids




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