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Henry Audio

Henry Audio – the leading European DAC now in North America

Henry Audio – the leading European DAC in its class now in North America

Henry Audio Launching Their New DAC at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver at the Marriott Tech Center – 6-8th October.

Henry Audio has been around in Europe for some time and won many accolades from noted audiophile magazines for the quality of its product. The Henry Audio USB DAC 128 mk II is a Digital Analog Converter (DAC) designed specifically for computer based music enjoyment. The DAC is installed between the computer and your amplifier and produces an incredible range of sound.

Henry Audio

As an audiophile reviewer of the Henry Audio DAC said, “The price of $ 249 is designed to appeal to those music lovers who don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a better music experience.”

There are many variables in enjoying music: the source, the way it is ‘ripped’, the storage medium, delivery through cable, Bluetooth or Wifi and of course the speakers. Your computer has a basic DAC built in but this is limited in features. The Henry Audio USB DAC 128 mk II makes sure the last and most critical stage – converting the digital signal to analog – is done in an accurate and neutral way. The result is the best possible sound of your music.

Henry Audio

External DAC devices use better components than currently found inside computers. Therefore they can better convert the digital bits more accurately into music. The external DAC also bypasses the audio system in your computer and takes sound directly to your speakers. The result is that even without the addition of powerful amplifiers or bigger speakers your music will sound much better. The Henry Audio DAC uses an unique circuit design that allows for a smaller size, USB power and improved performance across the full frequency spectrum. So what makes the Henry Audio system so special?

Henry AudioThe base specifications of the USB DAC 128 mk II are simple: it’s based around the AKM4430 ‘all-in-one’ chip, precision oscillators from Golledge with an Atmel AVR32 programmable microcontroller chip and ADP151 low drop out voltage regulators running at 3.3V, meaning the 5V USB limit is well preserved. The circuitry is designed by electrical engineers with a passion for sound reproduction.



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